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The Flood Chronicles: Roots Of The Curse

The Flood Chronicles: Roots Of The Curse




The Flood Chronicles: Roots of the Curse

by AlfonZo Rachel

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The fallen angels had been set on humanity’s destruction. At the same time they were dependent on humans as a place of refuge. It came to pass that rather than destroying them completely they found a way past having to depend on their bodies to dwell in or possess. They discovered a process to use them to become a new breed of humanoid. The demons are reborn through humans as a new breed called warlocks.
In profane spite, the fallen angels continue their campaign against humanity as warlocks. They gain great influence through politics, education, religion, the media, etc. They capitalize on mankind's inherent wickedness and embolden humanity to become something that even God agonizes over.
The Warlocks want God to hate humanity as much as they do. However, they don’t want to be wiped away in God’s wrath. Knowing there is an extinction level event coming, the warlocks find out that a man called Noah is the only one with a means of escaping it.
The Warlocks want to find Noah so they can hi-jack his vessel, but they especially want to find him so they can end the continuation of humanity by replacing them. Though God could create another race of humans, the point is to thrust a sword to the heart of God by getting Him to wipe out His own creation.
The twist of the knife will be in them killing the only human left God favored; Noah. But to kill Noah they’ll have to get past the sons of the sons of God; the sons of the angels who remained loyal to God and shared in His love of His creation. The children of these Angelic sons of God became the heroes of old and great renown. These misunderstood half human angels are the Nephelim.

NOTE: This is a creative work and a means of entertainment made with a hope to inspire the reader with a healthy curiosity to examine the Bible. It is not meant to promote an idea of how the "Flood Event" could have happened. For the true account of Noah, prayer and reading the Bible is highly recommended.



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The Flood Chronicles: Roots of the Curse AlfonZo Rachel

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AlfonZo Rachel



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